Meet Neer Patel

Meet Neer Patel


Neer Patel began volunteering with Camp Spike ‘n’ Wave ® when he was 16 years old – a high school junior nearly two decades ago. His first year, Neer was partnered with a one-on-one camper, Sammy.


He shared “Sammy was the sweetest boy, and he endured some of the most difficult seizures and developmental issues I’d ever seen. During that week with him, we developed a special connection, and it really was a life-changing experience for me.”


Neer continued to describe his experience, “A few years later, I had a camper named Josh. We bonded for very different reasons. He was always in trouble for running off to find bugs. I decided that he didn’t come here to get in trouble; he came to feel like a ‘normal’ kid. So we’d go find bugs together. After that, his mom requested me to be Josh’s camp counselor every year. It was amazing to see him grow! We still keep in touch. He is about to graduate from college with a computer science degree!”


Neer has volunteered with the Epilepsy Foundation Texas and our Camp Program for the past twenty years. Today, he also serves on the EFTX – Dallas Board, raising up the next generation of compassionate volunteers. He explained exactly why these camps are so important for kids struggling with epilepsy;


“These kids hear ‘You can’t’ so much. But here, we give them every opportunity to say, ‘You can!’”


Camp Angels monitor the campers’ epilepsy and other needs, so they can be free to swim, fish, canoe, rock climb, zipline, and even ride horses. But I think the most important part of these camps are the friendships the kids make with each other. The social issues that come with epilepsy that can’t be fixed by a doctor. Camps let kids know they’re not alone…they meet others with epilepsy and form lifelong bonds.


You can change the life of a deserving child today…send them to camp this summer and show them that epilepsy isn’t who they are…it’s just something they have. Give them a chance to experience freedom and hope.


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