Camp Angel 2017


3...2...1...Countdown to CAMP!


3 Camps…2 Weeks…1 Summer


Our Camp Angel CAMP-aign helps change the lives of 325 campers attending one of our three camps – Camp Spike ‘n’ Wave®, Kamp Kaleidoscope®, and Camp Neuron®. Camp gives children and teens with epilepsy a safe, structured, encouraging, and FUN home away from home.


The cost for each camper to attend one week of summer camp is $1,200, which includes everything from housing to food, activities to staff, world-class medical care and more. Because of friends like you who care and who give, every camper is able to attend for FREE.


We do not receive any federal or state funding for summer camps which means our camps are only made possible through donations from you…and we need you now!

We have $40,000 left to raise in order to provide this life-changing experience to this year’s 325 campers. It’s a lot of ground to cover in a very short time, but we have GREAT news:


Our friends at LivaNovaCares* are offering a $24,000 Matching Gift to help close the funding gap for this year’s camps. Every dollar you give today will be DOUBLED, going directly to bring more kids to camp this summer.


Take a moment to consider how much it will mean to give a child that week of freedom from cares, disease, or fear. Then, give the most generous gift you can.


*LivaNovaCares — a charity founded and supported by LivaNova employees — supports both epilepsy and heart disease awareness. Through a partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas, LivaNova Cares currently supports numerous efforts targeted towards people and families affected by epilepsy.


Meet Angel from Kamp Kaleidoscope:


Angel and Yolanda


Angel is counting the days until Kamp Kaleidoscope® begins this July. So is her mom, Yolanda . . . and so are we.


After her initial epilepsy diagnosis, Angel’s neurologist told them how important it was to get involved with other kids and parents who also fight epilepsy. Then he encouraged them to check out the camps provided by Epilepsy Foundation Texas (EFTX). Recently, Yolanda shared their story:


“For 350+ days of the year, these kids are so limited. For their own safety, they can’t take a bath, go swimming, or do anything else alone. It’s like they’re prisoners in their own homes, in school, even in their own bodies. But for seven whole days, they can be free. Camp Angels (our staff and volunteers, including pediatric neurologists and nurses) worry about epilepsy, so these kids can just live their lives . . . it’s a priceless experience every child with epilepsy needs.”


Meet Neer Patel - one of our Camp Angels:

Neer Patel has been a Camp Angel for nearly 2 decades! We hope that his story will inspire you to follow in Neer’s footsteps to change lives together!