Tournament Information

All you really need to know:

  • You are playing for Charity!
  • You are really playing to send kids with Epilepsy to Summer Camp!
  • The Cornament is a Single Elimination Corn Hole Tournament. Winners advance to the next round, losers advance to the bar!


  • 3 points – a bag that goes through the hole completely.
  • 1 point – a bag remains on the playing surface, a bag that is hanging into the hole, but does not fall completely through, a bag that is hanging off the edge of the platform, but does not touch the ground.
  •  0 points – a bag that hits the ground before coming to rest on the platform, a bag that is on the playing surface, but is also touching the ground or another bag that lies on the ground, a bag that is hanging off the front edge and is resting on a cornhole bag that is on the ground.
  • A bag that bounces on to the board should be removed before the next player tosses.
  • Scoring is done by accumulation.

 Game Play

  • Each team will have 4 bags of one color; all 8 cornhole bags begin at one end.
  • A coin flip will determine which team goes first.
  • The first team member will then begin by throwing a cornhole bag at the opposite platform.
  • Teams take alternate throws until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown. Teams then count the points scored during the round.
  • After scoring, the teams on the opposite end will then take their turns in the same manner. The team scoring the most points in the previous round will throw first to start the turn.
  • Play continues until the end of the 15min time limit.
  • Mulligans can be purchased before the round begins and can be used after the 15min game has ended. Each Mulligan gives the team 2 extra throws that can be used by either or both teammates during the post-round redemption period .
    Limitations: The redemption period is limited to 5 minutes and each team can only use 5 mulligans per round.

 Play Area

  • Two cornhole platforms should be placed on a flat surface, with the front edges 27 feet apart.
  • The pitching areas are located on either side of the box, with the foul line being the line parallel to the front edge of the platform.
  • A player may toss from anywhere behind the front of the platform from which they are throwing, but all turns should be taken from the same side of the platform as the first toss.