1. Cornhole Tournament
  2. Charity event to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Summer Camping program
  3. A reason to get a baby sitter and come out to a local brewery for a fun evening.


What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition caused by sudden brief changes in the brain’s electrical balance. When there are excess electrical discharges in the brain, seizures occur. Epilepsy is not a disease, mental illness or a sign of low intelligence. It is not contagious. Epilepsy is generally a chronic and/or lifelong condition.

Why do you do this?
To help raise money to send kids and teens with Epilepsy to summer camp, so they can experience one week of barrier free fun.
What are the rules to the tournament?
Great questions – here they are : Tournament Rules.
How do I get a bye in the first round?
If the tournament has byes, they will be awarded to sponsors and teams who register early! So sign up today!
What if I don’t want to play?
No worries, you can come out as a spectator and enjoy all the fun. Spectator Tickets go on sale March 5th.
What happens if it rains?
The goal is to conduct the event in a safe and fun manner! Since the event is predominantly outdoors, we may cancel the tournament or the entire event due to weather. In that event, your ticket will be converted over to a general donation and a tax receipt will be issued to you.
What happens if I purchased tickets and I can’t go anymore?
That sucks you can’t make it. You have 2 options for your tickets, you can either give your tickets to a family member, friend, or strangers OR donate tickets for a tax receipt. Either way, email Amanda Rockwell( with your plans!
Where should I park?
Here’s a map to help you!
Can I bring my kids or pets?
Children that are 21+ or pet that are house trained are welcome to come. Proper supervision required …for both. Due to local health codes, pets must remain in outside areas…. we reserve the right to extend this rule to your kids.
What should I wear?
Any comfortable clothing that will help your game! It may be hot! Team uniforms aren’t required, but highly encouraged!
Can I bring a friend?
Yes! Have them join a team or come out as spectators to enjoy the drinks, food, and side games!
What are side games?
For those who aren’t playing in the tournament or those who have been knocked out, you may harness your cornhole skills to win other prizes! The games range from Longest Throw, Blind Toss to LifeSize Cornhole.. and a few others that our field of dreams committee come up with!